The FISKITRÖNUR houses and the surrounding area of ÆGISSÍÐA in Reykjavík are the inspiration for this update on classic menswear pieces – with textures and details made from Kelp fresh from the Icelandic ocean.

This project began as an experiment to take casual menswear pieces sourced from the high street and customise them with kelp detailing to create something extra-ordinary.

Simple, iconic, yet generic pieces such as blue jeans, a bomber jacket, and an overcoat are transformed into exotic high-fashion garments by the addition of seaweed patches, cuffs, trimmings, belts and other details.

This collaboration saw Polosophia and Susan Sainsbury, two designers that have previously worked with the studio on other kelp design projects, use their knowledge of the material to transform the garments into something fresh, yet wearable.

The results were photographed in ÆGISSÍÐA, an area known for the drying of fish, as the project was inspired by the distinctive shed-like buildings called FISKITRÖNUR covered in graffiti – a fitting location for a collection that mixes street style with eco fashion.

Photography and styling Charlie Strand
Photo assistance Ari Olafsson
Model Danival Valsson
Retouching Magnus Andersen