The philosophy of the studio stems from Katrin’s own personal philosophy based on her appreciation of the natural world and the part humans play in interacting with it and replenishing it.

The Sea Around Us

The Sea Around Us is a unique collaboration between Emblamar Studio and film-maker Magnus Andersen, which presents a portrait of the studio’s founder Katrin Thorvaldsdottir, and explains the philosophy and motivation for the work the studio creates. It features original music by Dymbra and garments designed by Sunna Örlygsdóttir – both commissioned for the film.

World Hope Forum

World Hope Forum interviewed Emblamar Studio Creative Director Charlie Strand as part of their “Design Tales from Iceland” webinar. During the session WHF Ambassador Ragna Froda asked Charlie about the studio, the work carried out and their approach to sustainability.

Katrin sees the ocean as the womb of the earth, the source from which life originates, and that mankind collectively forms a symphony with the planet, where each of us has a role within the orchestra, each playing our part to allow the earth and ourselves to flourish.

The concept of the symphony also relates to how the studio approaches collaboration, where a mutual respect and care ensures the purest most productive results from the projects undertaken.

It can be said that the studio itself stands for love and respect of each other and the world around us, and to appreciate those things which we can achieve through co-operation.

With this ethos we aim to bring prosperity to the coming generations through a better understanding of the natural resources we are exploring.